Ratings Adjustor Hotline

With over 350 million downloads, EA’s Madden NFL doesn’t need to be sold. So we didn’t sell the game at all. We changed the game.

Cover art for the video game Madden NFL 23, featuring text that reads "EA Sports Madden NFL 23" with logos for EA Sports and the NFL. In the background is a close-up image of a person with blurred stadium crowd in the background. The game is rated "RP" for Rating Pending.
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Each year, every NFL player is rated by a real-life Madden Ratings Adjuster across 53 different statistics such as speed, strength, blocking, juke moves, etc. These ratings are hotly debated online by fans and players alike. But that’s all it ever was. Debate. So we created a hotline where everyone could call and plead their case for player stat increases to Madden Ratings Adjusters. And sometimes, it worked.

The campaign began with NFL players and influencers “leaking” the number on their social channels. There were 1,500 calls on the very first day, which made it one of the lead stories on ESPN.com. To date, there have been over 55,000 leading up to the Super Bowl. And another 20,000 since.

Not bad, not bad.